Website Design Process Steps



* Analyzing the website to find with all the On-page factors are set correctly. (We will check nearly 17 attributes).

* Making sure that we have our fan pages created in atleast the 3 most popular social medias(G+,FB and twitter)

* Analyzing the keywords and finding out the competition for the same.

* Analyzing the competitor website and their respective backlinks

* Analyzing the backlinks that are already present in the website , Once we find any backlink that may lead to penalization then we will contact the respective website and will request him to remove the link.



* Resource will be allocated based on the competition and the number of keywords that we are going to concentrate on.

* Making sure that the website is well set for link building. (ie making sure that the bad backlinks are removed)

* Understanding the website thoroughly and finding high quality website where we can place our link. (100% relevant links)

* Creating the content for link building purpose; We will make sure that we are using the right amount of keyword density.

* Creating unique images, videos and infographics for the link building purpose.



* Building 100% relevant and quality backlinks

* Marketing the website using contents.

* Submitting the images and infographics in Image and infographic submission websites.

* Creating an channel in popular video search engines like youtube , Vimeo etc,.. and post the videos with our link in it.

* Updating all the social medias on a regular basis . (FB, Twitter and G+)


* One report will be created after 15 days work and it will be continued as long as your subscription lasts.

* Graphics from Google analytics and webmaster tools will be used to show the amount of success that we got from the campaign.

* Diagrammatic representations will be used to show you the difference between the rankings and the traffic increase.

Digital Marketing Process Steps



To start off, a detailed strategy has to be formed, based on market research, competitor insight and keyword research. The Algoritz staff will analyze your target niche, set up fan pages on at least three of the major social media websites, determine the keywords you need to rank for, and analyze competitor websites to find their respective backlinks.



Backlink building is an essential part of SEO, and involves careful planning and consideration. “Bad backlinks” need to be removed, and the creation of the promotional content that will contain the right links will need to be optimized for the right keyword density. The backlink building process is enhanced through the creation and deployment of unique images, videos and infographics on social media, streaming video sites and various other channels.



To keep updates on the entire progress, the Algoritz staff will create timely reports including web analytics data from the top search engines your site will rank for. By seeing the precise difference between your website’s initial data and its increase in traffic, as well as the successful improvement of keyword rankings and high PR backlink creation, you can view all the benefits you’ve gained by using the Algoritz SEO services.