Effective article submission is about writing quality articles that are useful or interesting to readers, using some on your own website and getting some published on other related websites. Here are some of benefits for article submissions:

Improving organic search results: Submitting articles is one of main method for generating one-way back links to your site, which increase your page rank and link popularity. A high quality articles can be republished on multiple sites, so you automatically get thousands of links pointing back to your site which will increase your position in the organic search results and getting found for more keyword searches.

Increasing traffic: Article submission can help to increasing traffic from related sites. If you have an article with valuable content, many people will read it and even spread it. Therefore, you will be able to reach more people and this thing becomes viral in nature. Reaching more people means generating more traffic to your site.
Building incoming links: Most of article directories accept your article with link that pointing back to your site. They allow links in author resource box of article submission form. You can place up to 3 links in author resource box. One of main benefit is that you can include any kind of links such as your site home page link, deeper/inner page link, blog link, article link, etc in that box.

Making site more useful and unique: Article submission is one of best way to help to educate your readers on particular topic of your field. If the article is unique, interesting, and useful than you can attracting new and unique visitors to your site.

Importance of unique content in SEO

The art of writing is something which gives one the self satisfaction, and the writing may be in any form , but that should be an unique one. If a book gives the same information as that of the other then it would be considered as useless, as the information is already received by the users. So any sort of thing related to the writing should not be inter linked with one another. A different and informative blogs or the content will receive an excellent result from the customers. It also makes the visitors tempt to buy the product , even if they do not have any idea of purchasing it.

So the content is something which helps one to have a very good response from the users. A good content will boost the sales of the product, as it will provide the necessary information needed by the users , and more than that it will also make an instinct to buy the same. Better quality as well as the quantity is also very much needed for a good content and the uniqueness helps one to stay at first and to travel a long way too. And even the ratings of the unique content and the price given to such thing is also said to be very high. And one can get a regualr customer by the way of following a unique track. Following the law of the seo is also very much important to stay in a very secure form.