Importance of sitemap for a website

A sitemap is a list of all links and web pages of a web site. It describes the whole website’s structure. These sitemaps are commonly listed in a hierarchical manner starting from its home page to its final page. This gives the clear idea of the purpose of the website. With the help of the sitemap, the user can navigate within the web site between the different links to find information for a particular topic.

There are two types of sitemaps. One uses XML sitemap and other is HTML sitemaps.Html sitemaps are user friendly and it is designed for user to help him find the content. XML sitemaps are used by search engines for its website indexing and for website-crawling.

It is not only used by online users but it is also used by Search engines. It acts as a guide tool for search engines for where the user intends to go. Sitemaps are useful for Search engine spiders to navigate in the website in a fast and effective manner .This tool increases the visibility of the website among search engines and the user.

It can also inform the search engines if any update is made to the website. When we launch a new web site, it is necessary we use sitemap in it, to make it a successful website. The importance of sitemap is not known to many and it is always underestimated.

Designing the sitemap is considered to be easy. We need to follow the logical flow of the websites and places the links in a coherent way. Efficient sitemap techniques must be used to keep the website ranks higher. If regular monitoring and updating the sitemap is done, you can be ensured that the website will hold the higher ranks and it can increase the volume of website’s traffic.

Make Extra Money through social networking

Social networking is the best location to promote your products and service for improving business. It is also one of the best method to make more traffic quality on your website. This helps to rank your website on top list of the Google search engine also to improve website profit in online marketing. Online marketing is become a huge development in this current world because people wants to save their time and money. Even many SEO service companies are available to rank your website on top list or first page of search engine result page. It is not possible to improve your business in this competitive world because many plans are carried out for developing the business by each company.

The leading most technique is approaching the SEO service also at the some time you must target social network for huge visibility of your site, hence it increase your business profit more. In normal it is not possible to rank your website on top list of search engine result page also search engine cannot promise to show you website on first page. Even if it shown on the first page we cannot guarantee that visitor use your website link, for this purpose most business organizations are concentrating on social networking because it is the place where millions of people joined together to share or post blog about anything. So it is very helpful to promote any new products and services from your company also by investing minimum amount for more profit.