Intro to App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization acts as the key factor to increase the app visibility and certainly advertise the client’s app on the website to increases it’s ranking with the high quality contents, keyword usage that aims to optimize for higher traffic in the app store.

App Store Optimization

Keywords Research is the most important part of ASO !

Off-Page Optimization Strategies

The off page optimization is nothing more than doing optimization for the improvement of the search engine rankings from other sites. Due to lot of emphasis and relevance on links, the offpage optimization has became more important with Google. Links are very important as with the help of links only, one can able to link from other website to their own site and the website’s performance can be increased in the search engine. Off-page optimization strategies is important for the SEO campaign, for not only providing quality links to the website but also for getting qualified traffic. Some of the off-page strategies are as follows

1) Sitemap Update: Google, Yahoo and MSN are the top 3 search engines. XML sitemap feature will be available in this so updating this regularly will bring the changes quickly. The campaign can be studied deeply and adjustment can be made according to the campaign elements with the help of sitemap available in Google web master console.

2) Directory Listing: Apart from paid directory, free directory is also available which helps to get good backlinks for the website and with the help of this, the success of the campaign can also be improved.

3) Local Marketing:,,,, yellow page, and so on are some of the available local search engines. Offline businesses and businesses without a website are benefited by using this local search engine.

4) Social Media Promotion: The images, videos and audios of the website can be promoted on various social networking websites, blogs and forums by using the social media.