Prevention of Negative SEO

The practice of search engine optimization is common among all businesses who want to promote their business and bring revenue. To increase the web traffic and increase their web presence in this present competitive market a good search engine optimization is necessary. But negative comments and reviews can arise in your website from your competitors. This is a tough task to tackle and only wise decisions can give solutions.

If positive SEO helps your site improve in the search engine rankings, negative SEO is exactly the opposite. It is the practice of competitors attacking your site. Their goal is to either get your site banned by the major search engines or have your rankings so drastically demoted.

Negative SEO could be the bad comments, which really affect the web traffic of your site there by resulting in the decline of number of visitors and affect the reputation of the website. Any successful business is the target of negative reviews, competition, bad comments etc. The negative reviews are bad for the company’s image.
Negative SEO may be a problem, your best bet is going to be contacting SEO experts to help you sort through the problems. While these points are not the only concerns regarding SEO, they are some important ones illustrating primary mistakes that are made affecting the proper functioning of search engine optimization. Avoiding these mistakes will help prevent great design from working against SEO efforts and destroy the whole person of a great website in the first place!


The factor of the internet usage has become ubiquitous with people & has also made them from time to time to evolve from one display device to another. What started off with PC’s had taken a head turn towards laptops just about a decade before & even more recently wired as well as wireless computers have taken a backseat courtesy of the mobile phone devices which have also entered the vying field of connectivity. All of this is certainly not a huge downer,but may be just sometimes,the way as to how the device displays the web results could affect the SEO operators. Take this for consideration! PC or for that matter a laptop will accommodate a greater amount of space will also offer a brighter resolution thus enabling the customers to see through a lot more results on screen whereas most mobile phone devices would present a miniaturized screen especially in the case of smart phones which have unanimous popularity . These smart phones would make your screen so small that you would hardly be able to read them & if not, they would show you just a particular segment enforcing customers to scroll bars to enable navigation around the various result pages.

According to my view, if the customers mobile is incorporated with video streaming facilities like youtube etc or if it has any flash based graphics then the fore mentioned two possibilities would be unsatisfactory. Thus, we can also add that those websites presented with flash or video graphics/streaming would be lacking the luster which is needed to gravitate the customers towards your sites. This is not a 100 % SEO problem but, it still needs addressing. One great way to solve this hindrance would be to construct emulating websites with one of them being designed for laptops, one other for PC’s & also, a third would be created by just altering the layout from the second design for the suitability of mobile devices. Alas ! There is another vulnerability which will come through from the latest installed version of googlebot & this feature would decipher the duplicate content & separate it from the rest of the originals & in so doing, it would also penalize the website for duplicate uploading & this is an avoidable thing for SEO’s. The best solution for this would be to create different versions of a similar site. Each of these versions would preferred for a separate display device. From all this, we can say that it is not something which makes a difference in our work but calls for all SEO operators to work closely with the web designers & guarantee that those designers are not functioning against us & this can by making our SEO efforts to meet a technical requirement . By meeting these requirements we are only going to enhance our chances of finding the people whom we want to find through whichever device platform & if we ignore these versions especially the mobile version of the website, most likely we will end up presenting our web results to no body. It depends upon changing to need of the hour isn’t it ?

Advantages of MOBILE SEO:

  • Of course we do not have to add any information load to our web result links & the burden is minimal.

* The portable accessibility is present always from the part of the customer which enables us to interact with them without any restrictions.

* If we do produce a mobile version of the our site, then video streaming or flash graphics neither would be able to prevent the customer from viewing & possibly getting attracted to our links.