Increasing website visibility

Most small businesses that run a website today don’t have the knowledge to optimize their content and overall visibility online. Here are some views to increase the website visibility.
The content should be coded in such a way that the search engine can easily gather the information from the website. Creating and optimizing the presence with the help of social media such as face book, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc can increase the website visibility.

Customers worldwide are spending a large part of their online minutes on social media. Liking, sharing and commenting in content created by individuals and brands is the No.1 activity online. Along with creating your website, you must create a page, channel and profile of your business on leading social media platforms like Face book, Linked In, YouTube and Twitter. This should be followed by continuously creating quality content like posts, tweets and videos, which are engaging and empower your customer with balanced information about your product or service category and your brand.

Search engines give great importance to other people, websites or blogs linking to your website, mentioning your website URL, and also sharing the content displayed on your website. These are called web citations, and hold immense value for increasing your website’s visibility. Create a blog or a successful websites, which are continuously ranking high in search results, regularly maintain a blog section where they upload relevant and original content regularly. This fresh content is preferred by the crawlers of the search engines, as it recognizes the content as being fresh and unique. Articles, interviews, videos relating more to the product or service category, rather than the product or service itself, is the best way to keep your website insight of the search engine. The regularly updated content fits in with the ‘latest content’ parameter of the search algorithm. Search engines love websites that offer fresh and relevant, informative content that can satisfy the user’s query in the first click.

Changing seo strategies post google penguin

The google penguin is a security measure from the google search engine just to corroborate that low quality and also personally abusive content should be penalized, there by enabling readers worldwide to access high quality filled content alone. Some SEO’s display this dirty practice where they aim an excessively high place to reach in the search engine rankings by using spamming tricks. If your website has received a penguin update, it means that you have a lot to monitor for from there. First thing that you need to showcase is patience & then you need to make amends with your site, so that at least in the future your website would become a highly trusted one. On one hand, we do see quite a few websites which make their aims quite obvious to the visitors & on the other hand, many many of the sites get panned due to spam content. So, if spam content won’t work, then what will ? How do those web links make it big ?

The answer is as obvious as you can get because: They give “BETTER CONTENT” & “WEBSITE SEARCHES” & “SPAM FREE CONTENT” unlike the others & they would have also been patient when they had started years before & would have worked with perseverance to reach their position. Ok ! Fine ! So, if these sites are so good that they win the trust of search engines. Then what does the search engine notice apart from “SPAM” content to separate out a website as being a low quality one? The things like keywords,meta tags would all be probed out along with the “SPAM” & so totally, a rating would be fixed for your site.

How can an SEO change it’s strategies to avoid penguin?

By providing quality filled content to readers.This quality will automatically earn you points & a comparatively higher ranking than in your past. By filtering spam we can enhance our websites quality again Penguin is specifically targeted at web spam

The SEO practices of using spamming tricks to get better page rankings are the main focuses of panda.Hence, SEO’S should avoid spamming practices.

They should also avoid keyword stuffing,irrelevant incorporated links,spamming in blogs & also overusing of exact match texts. These factors would cause the de-ranking of your website.

Once the amends have been made necessarily, you should not neglect to write to google to inform the changes,
so that the crawling procedure would restart all over again & hopefully, you should be able to get a better ranking for the better content you have.