Importance of Robots.txt – to stop viewing all the contents

When creating a website, it is mandatory to use robots.txt for indexing web content. The indexing is done by the search engines, which uses bots or spiders(program) to crawl between all our links and sites. Some information in our websites need not to be viewed by others or indexed by bots and in this case, we can use robots.txt files. These robots.txt files provide rules for the search engine, which are the contents to be indexed and which are not to be indexed. It is the standard for robot exclusion.
If the website owners don’t want the bots to crawl all his links, he could use robots.txt file. In e-commerce sites, some personal details need to be hided, robots.txt files can be used to hide these details.

Creation of robots.txt

These files can be created in a simple text editor, add some of the rules, save it and we just need to upload it in the root of your domain.
These files can avoid wastage of server resources and it can also save the bandwidth. Sometimes, the search engines bots hit server at high speed and so it can slow down your server when accessing your site. We can prevent our sites from these bots by using robots.txt files.
Proper usage of these files will help you in bringing website’s traffic volume. For enhancing SEO, it is necessary to use robots.txt files.