Importance of Social Media in SEO

The significance of social media to SEO is evident in its power to influence how the major search engines should rank your site. There are several steps needed to make your presence in a variety of social media networks. Some of them are listed below:

1. Create an account to a variety of social media sites making use of your company.
If you have no Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and a few other social media accounts, go create them quickly using your company name. Most of these will offer brand awareness and significantly, may help enhance your site rating in search engines because your presence in social media is an evidence of your company’s credibility and competence.

2. Avail “share” control buttons in your site.
Some visitors appear to be fascinated with your items but they are not yet ready to make a purchase. Make use of their growing interest and make your business available to them each time they interact with their friends.
Allow them to acknowledge your company through these accounts. Have the social media “share” buttons obtainable in your site. As they simply click on them, they’ll quickly receive news or updates, which will subsequently capture their interest or create brand recall.

3. Proceed to Google
Google could possibly be experiencing difficulties to get people linked to Google Plus. You should look at enrolling your business to Google Plus. Firms that are participating in the program receive reward from Google by giving them better rankings in search engine results.

This is how you should view the importance of social media to SEO to help you to discover that it is high time that you produce accounts in Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, Google Plus among others.


The websites are created in such a way that viewers get interest to gather information from our websites. There are some procedures that will lead a website in top ranking. Have a glance at the article to know more. The websites are published world wide when they are submitted in search engines such as Google, bing and yahoo. The websites gets more traffic when these search engines send visitors to our websites. The ranking depends on page title, keywords, less bounce rate, inbound links etc.

Every search engines have different algorithm to rank a website. Usually the apt keywords attract the viewers. The websites created by the web designer has to be launched in search engines. The search engine uses the technique called Spiders which searches for the best websites and are added to their database. The sitemap plays a different role after the submission of website. The sitemap acts as a mediator between the web designer and the search engine. When the website has been updated, the sitemap gives the updated result to search engines. So the content of the websites gets upgraded.

The SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) helps in ranking of websites. The seo adds a flavour to websites by increasing the visibility in search engines and thus bringing better profit for the services.
Thus the content involved in the websites must be attractive to viewers and with the help of seo techniques the website can be ranked higher and therefore leading our website as viewers choice.

Bounce Rate of a website- An effectiveness measure for your website

Have you ever opened the website and left it the next moment!! Then, there may be several reasons for you to leaving that website, it may be boring or it is not appropriate for your search. Now this is termed as “Bounce rate”.

Bounce rate is a term used in web traffic analysis. It is used to measure the percentage of visitors who have entered the site and left (bounce) before the session time out without viewing the other pages in that site. It measures the quality of the website which makes the visitor to view more and to continue staying in that site. The average bounce rate is 30-40%. In e-commerce sites, the bounce rate is correlated with purchase conversion –rate which is represented as the percentage of visitors who have not purchased anything.

If the bounce rate is more, then it is understandable that the visitor finds the website not so interesting. Bounce rate is inversely proportional, the more the bounce rate, the less the effectiveness of the entry page of the website.

Tips for lesser bounce rate
The content or the quality of the website should be interesting, so the visitor will be engaged in that website for few more minutes. If he finds interesting, then he will be tempted to know more about it. Else, if the content is boring; he needs to navigate to other sites. So, keep the content interesting.

The next important would be user friendly website. The moment when the visitor opens the website, it should be soothing to his eyes and not so disturbing with the unwanted content.

The page loading time of the website should be less. If it takes more time, then eventually the user will skip viewing the website further. Making sure, your website stays fast.

While creating the website, one should be prudent in writing the content interestingly, because the bounce rate should be low for his website in order to retain the customer for a while.

Effective Social Media Optimization

Effective Social Media OptimizationSocial media ? What is it ?

Well, this is simply a medium as in singular or media as in plural to interact with the society surrounding you. We can also read “SOCIAL” as society based & “MEDIA” as a connecting medium & hence, we have deduced out as “CONNECTING WITH THE SOCIETY” From times immemorial, there have been myriad mechanisms of communicating like posts, telegraphs, telephones & the like. Today, we have from the doorstep into the world social media through networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Linked IN etc. These platforms allow us to meet & befriend the people with whom we want &that too,right from the comfort of our living rooms. Through this, we can always effectively optimize our requirements. Quite a few of them & the most salient of them would be applying for a job. Our profile preparation would itself go a long way in creating a first impression which may turn out to be the best impression. In your profile, you must get to enlist out all skills & the preference of other companies which you have in the future. Posting a photo would enhance the trust of the interviewers a lot more as they would know about the genuineness of your profile. In your profile, the details which mention out without any delinquencies, the questions which you answer while on the interview & of course certain factors like your body language, dressing sense would decide the rest. May be social media would have to be mute on these aspects,but then it can give you great tips on facing the interview & the like in a successful manner. If you want to make any technical or communicative presentations, you can always do so & upload those videos in the networking site where the interviewers would & share such videos with them to gain a better impression from them.


This is a mechanism in which you publish out stuff about your professional experience all by yourself & in so doing you have the potential firstly to gain a good note from your possible employer & if not that there is a second possibility of you becoming ever so famous within just a few days, if you publish something about political, cultural, social, religious, sports or other informations which are authentic & related to your field . Eg: A movie star who is at his shooting spot sending out blogs by linking himself with facebook & wordpress about the scene shot on that particular day. This kind of a blog is likely to receive many comments, likes & also shares thus making the lesser known actor even more famous. The same method applies perfectly for any other type of celebrity but of course, these people would already be famous somewhat! We as commoners can also achieve the same amount of name & fame, if we do have something attractive & unique to say which touches the minds of on line readers. If we have multiple social networking site accounts like facebook, orkut, linkedIN, within just minutes our blogs would be transferred to all three accounts. Thus, we don’t have to shell out an excessive amount of time. So blogging & social media networking are two important ways to guarantee effective social media optimization.


The factor of the internet usage has become ubiquitous with people & has also made them from time to time to evolve from one display device to another. What started off with PC’s had taken a head turn towards laptops just about a decade before & even more recently wired as well as wireless computers have taken a backseat courtesy of the mobile phone devices which have also entered the vying field of connectivity. All of this is certainly not a huge downer,but may be just sometimes,the way as to how the device displays the web results could affect the SEO operators. Take this for consideration! PC or for that matter a laptop will accommodate a greater amount of space will also offer a brighter resolution thus enabling the customers to see through a lot more results on screen whereas most mobile phone devices would present a miniaturized screen especially in the case of smart phones which have unanimous popularity . These smart phones would make your screen so small that you would hardly be able to read them & if not, they would show you just a particular segment enforcing customers to scroll bars to enable navigation around the various result pages.

According to my view, if the customers mobile is incorporated with video streaming facilities like youtube etc or if it has any flash based graphics then the fore mentioned two possibilities would be unsatisfactory. Thus, we can also add that those websites presented with flash or video graphics/streaming would be lacking the luster which is needed to gravitate the customers towards your sites. This is not a 100 % SEO problem but, it still needs addressing. One great way to solve this hindrance would be to construct emulating websites with one of them being designed for laptops, one other for PC’s & also, a third would be created by just altering the layout from the second design for the suitability of mobile devices. Alas ! There is another vulnerability which will come through from the latest installed version of googlebot & this feature would decipher the duplicate content & separate it from the rest of the originals & in so doing, it would also penalize the website for duplicate uploading & this is an avoidable thing for SEO’s. The best solution for this would be to create different versions of a similar site. Each of these versions would preferred for a separate display device. From all this, we can say that it is not something which makes a difference in our work but calls for all SEO operators to work closely with the web designers & guarantee that those designers are not functioning against us & this can by making our SEO efforts to meet a technical requirement . By meeting these requirements we are only going to enhance our chances of finding the people whom we want to find through whichever device platform & if we ignore these versions especially the mobile version of the website, most likely we will end up presenting our web results to no body. It depends upon changing to need of the hour isn’t it ?

Advantages of MOBILE SEO:

  • Of course we do not have to add any information load to our web result links & the burden is minimal.

* The portable accessibility is present always from the part of the customer which enables us to interact with them without any restrictions.

* If we do produce a mobile version of the our site, then video streaming or flash graphics neither would be able to prevent the customer from viewing & possibly getting attracted to our links.