Different types of link building strategies

Websites are needed to be viewed by the people. Visibility of these pages is increased with the help of Search Engine Optimization procedures. It includes both on page and off page optimization. On page optimization includes improving the content of the website. Off page includes the back linking of the websites in other sites which more PR rate. These both optimizations are more important. Links play a crucial role in determining the Page rank and trust factor too. There are different types of links which cater to some specific needs of a website. Some are as follows:

Links which boost website’s traffic, focus on driving more traffic to a web site. These links do not help in improving the page rank. What they do is exposing a web site to the visitors out there and thus makes sure that visitors visit the site in abundance. There are various forms in which traffic boosting links can be made- blog comments, directory submission, banner ads etc.

Links which help in improving ranks, these links essentially work towards improving the page rank of a web site. Page rank is determined on the basis of the number relevant links a web site has. While it is always good to have many sites pointing back to your site, but it is important to keep in mind the relevancy of those sites. Otherwise the links are discarded by Google’s algorithm. There are tools available which help to determine the page rank of sites. Using them one can contemplate which site would be best in order to achieve higher Page Rank.
Links help in building reputation, these links can work wonders when it comes to building reputation. These links generally contain the name of a company in the anchor text. These links are not just restricted to the main web site but also appear in the social profile, blogs etc of an individual.
There is however other considerations to off page seo strategies that must be taken into consideration if you are to achieve high search engine results pages.

Prevention of Negative SEO

The practice of search engine optimization is common among all businesses who want to promote their business and bring revenue. To increase the web traffic and increase their web presence in this present competitive market a good search engine optimization is necessary. But negative comments and reviews can arise in your website from your competitors. This is a tough task to tackle and only wise decisions can give solutions.

If positive SEO helps your site improve in the search engine rankings, negative SEO is exactly the opposite. It is the practice of competitors attacking your site. Their goal is to either get your site banned by the major search engines or have your rankings so drastically demoted.

Negative SEO could be the bad comments, which really affect the web traffic of your site there by resulting in the decline of number of visitors and affect the reputation of the website. Any successful business is the target of negative reviews, competition, bad comments etc. The negative reviews are bad for the company’s image.
Negative SEO may be a problem, your best bet is going to be contacting SEO experts to help you sort through the problems. While these points are not the only concerns regarding SEO, they are some important ones illustrating primary mistakes that are made affecting the proper functioning of search engine optimization. Avoiding these mistakes will help prevent great design from working against SEO efforts and destroy the whole person of a great website in the first place!


Effective article submission is about writing quality articles that are useful or interesting to readers, using some on your own website and getting some published on other related websites. Here are some of benefits for article submissions:

Improving organic search results: Submitting articles is one of main method for generating one-way back links to your site, which increase your page rank and link popularity. A high quality articles can be republished on multiple sites, so you automatically get thousands of links pointing back to your site which will increase your position in the organic search results and getting found for more keyword searches.

Increasing traffic: Article submission can help to increasing traffic from related sites. If you have an article with valuable content, many people will read it and even spread it. Therefore, you will be able to reach more people and this thing becomes viral in nature. Reaching more people means generating more traffic to your site.
Building incoming links: Most of article directories accept your article with link that pointing back to your site. They allow links in author resource box of article submission form. You can place up to 3 links in author resource box. One of main benefit is that you can include any kind of links such as your site home page link, deeper/inner page link, blog link, article link, etc in that box.

Making site more useful and unique: Article submission is one of best way to help to educate your readers on particular topic of your field. If the article is unique, interesting, and useful than you can attracting new and unique visitors to your site.

Importance of Social Media in SEO

The significance of social media to SEO is evident in its power to influence how the major search engines should rank your site. There are several steps needed to make your presence in a variety of social media networks. Some of them are listed below:

1. Create an account to a variety of social media sites making use of your company.
If you have no Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn and a few other social media accounts, go create them quickly using your company name. Most of these will offer brand awareness and significantly, may help enhance your site rating in search engines because your presence in social media is an evidence of your company’s credibility and competence.

2. Avail “share” control buttons in your site.
Some visitors appear to be fascinated with your items but they are not yet ready to make a purchase. Make use of their growing interest and make your business available to them each time they interact with their friends.
Allow them to acknowledge your company through these accounts. Have the social media “share” buttons obtainable in your site. As they simply click on them, they’ll quickly receive news or updates, which will subsequently capture their interest or create brand recall.

3. Proceed to Google
Google could possibly be experiencing difficulties to get people linked to Google Plus. You should look at enrolling your business to Google Plus. Firms that are participating in the program receive reward from Google by giving them better rankings in search engine results.

This is how you should view the importance of social media to SEO to help you to discover that it is high time that you produce accounts in Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, Google Plus among others.

Increasing website visibility

Most small businesses that run a website today don’t have the knowledge to optimize their content and overall visibility online. Here are some views to increase the website visibility.
The content should be coded in such a way that the search engine can easily gather the information from the website. Creating and optimizing the presence with the help of social media such as face book, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc can increase the website visibility.

Customers worldwide are spending a large part of their online minutes on social media. Liking, sharing and commenting in content created by individuals and brands is the No.1 activity online. Along with creating your website, you must create a page, channel and profile of your business on leading social media platforms like Face book, Linked In, YouTube and Twitter. This should be followed by continuously creating quality content like posts, tweets and videos, which are engaging and empower your customer with balanced information about your product or service category and your brand.

Search engines give great importance to other people, websites or blogs linking to your website, mentioning your website URL, and also sharing the content displayed on your website. These are called web citations, and hold immense value for increasing your website’s visibility. Create a blog or a successful websites, which are continuously ranking high in search results, regularly maintain a blog section where they upload relevant and original content regularly. This fresh content is preferred by the crawlers of the search engines, as it recognizes the content as being fresh and unique. Articles, interviews, videos relating more to the product or service category, rather than the product or service itself, is the best way to keep your website insight of the search engine. The regularly updated content fits in with the ‘latest content’ parameter of the search algorithm. Search engines love websites that offer fresh and relevant, informative content that can satisfy the user’s query in the first click.

Importance of Robots.txt – to stop viewing all the contents

When creating a website, it is mandatory to use robots.txt for indexing web content. The indexing is done by the search engines, which uses bots or spiders(program) to crawl between all our links and sites. Some information in our websites need not to be viewed by others or indexed by bots and in this case, we can use robots.txt files. These robots.txt files provide rules for the search engine, which are the contents to be indexed and which are not to be indexed. It is the standard for robot exclusion.
If the website owners don’t want the bots to crawl all his links, he could use robots.txt file. In e-commerce sites, some personal details need to be hided, robots.txt files can be used to hide these details.

Creation of robots.txt

These files can be created in a simple text editor, add some of the rules, save it and we just need to upload it in the root of your domain.
These files can avoid wastage of server resources and it can also save the bandwidth. Sometimes, the search engines bots hit server at high speed and so it can slow down your server when accessing your site. We can prevent our sites from these bots by using robots.txt files.
Proper usage of these files will help you in bringing website’s traffic volume. For enhancing SEO, it is necessary to use robots.txt files.


The websites are created in such a way that viewers get interest to gather information from our websites. There are some procedures that will lead a website in top ranking. Have a glance at the article to know more. The websites are published world wide when they are submitted in search engines such as Google, bing and yahoo. The websites gets more traffic when these search engines send visitors to our websites. The ranking depends on page title, keywords, less bounce rate, inbound links etc.

Every search engines have different algorithm to rank a website. Usually the apt keywords attract the viewers. The websites created by the web designer has to be launched in search engines. The search engine uses the technique called Spiders which searches for the best websites and are added to their database. The sitemap plays a different role after the submission of website. The sitemap acts as a mediator between the web designer and the search engine. When the website has been updated, the sitemap gives the updated result to search engines. So the content of the websites gets upgraded.

The SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) helps in ranking of websites. The seo adds a flavour to websites by increasing the visibility in search engines and thus bringing better profit for the services.
Thus the content involved in the websites must be attractive to viewers and with the help of seo techniques the website can be ranked higher and therefore leading our website as viewers choice.


Now a days a online research gives the best and quick results. To make your webpage to be ranked top, make sure that your webpage agrees to all these points. You can have a glance at this article to know the best results.

A URL ( Uniform Resorce Locator) must be simple and attractive to make your website a search engine friendly. URL which consists of keywords can make user to get a precise view of text. When the keywords are used in the url, the browser counts the keywords used and thus the rank of webpage increases and simuntaneously the webpage reaches to the users.

The content in the webpage msut be brief, catchy and must be understandable to all viewers. This makes the webpage more search friendly and also the web designer must see to that the webpage is easily navigable so that the viewer can scroll the webpage above and below as required.

There is another way to rank your website which can be done by using hyperlinks. Hyperlinks makes an user to gain more knowledge about the content.

An attractive and user friendly webpage can be designed with simple url. Thus fullfilling the proverb “ Simplicty is the nature of great goals”.

Importance of web 2.0 and its use in SEO

Web 2.0 can be reviewed as an evolution that happened in the history of web services. Initially in web 1.0, the web pages are static and it is used only for reading purpose. With the advent technology of Web 2.0, these pages became dynamic and the internet users can not only read but also to interact and communicate about the articles, blogs, pictures or any form of information. He can also create an account or profile, comment and interact. So WEB 2.0 has made the internet user not only to retrieve information but also to interact. Examples of Web 2.0 are social networking sites, blogs, and video sharing sites and so on.

Web 2.0 and SEO
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the rank of website so that the website will be visible to the people and won’t be lost or become invisible in thousands of results. If we increase the rank of the website, the volume of website’s traffic will be increased. Because more the volume of traffic, the more profit will be earned by the website companies.

In order to increase the rank and volume, many website owners approach search engine optimization companies to do so. With the usage of certain texts or codes and several other processes, one can increase the rank of his website and hence the volume of website’s traffic is increased. These companies follow many procedures and strategies on the websites. SEO contains of two main steps: The on-page optimization and off-page optimization. These two steps are very important in SEO process. On-page focuses of website directly. Off page optimization focuses on promotions.

SEO- Pure Marketing Strategy
The main goal for every company will be making profit. In internet, there are so many efficient customers and the companies need to attract and cover all these customers. As e-commerce has been growing rapidly, the companies want its websites to be optimized. Once it gets more customers, it gets over profit. So SEO becomes new trend of marketing because the basic goal of all companies is to reach the public before other competitors reach them.
Therefore, Web 2.0 has paved the way for profit making for companies and it is achieved by SEO.

Bounce Rate of a website- An effectiveness measure for your website

Have you ever opened the website and left it the next moment!! Then, there may be several reasons for you to leaving that website, it may be boring or it is not appropriate for your search. Now this is termed as “Bounce rate”.

Bounce rate is a term used in web traffic analysis. It is used to measure the percentage of visitors who have entered the site and left (bounce) before the session time out without viewing the other pages in that site. It measures the quality of the website which makes the visitor to view more and to continue staying in that site. The average bounce rate is 30-40%. In e-commerce sites, the bounce rate is correlated with purchase conversion –rate which is represented as the percentage of visitors who have not purchased anything.

If the bounce rate is more, then it is understandable that the visitor finds the website not so interesting. Bounce rate is inversely proportional, the more the bounce rate, the less the effectiveness of the entry page of the website.

Tips for lesser bounce rate
The content or the quality of the website should be interesting, so the visitor will be engaged in that website for few more minutes. If he finds interesting, then he will be tempted to know more about it. Else, if the content is boring; he needs to navigate to other sites. So, keep the content interesting.

The next important would be user friendly website. The moment when the visitor opens the website, it should be soothing to his eyes and not so disturbing with the unwanted content.

The page loading time of the website should be less. If it takes more time, then eventually the user will skip viewing the website further. Making sure, your website stays fast.

While creating the website, one should be prudent in writing the content interestingly, because the bounce rate should be low for his website in order to retain the customer for a while.


A search engine friendly and updated contents of webpage is usually preferred by users. An instant update of webpage can be done with the help of dynamic content. This article gives you the information and advantages of dynamic content webpages.

The dynamic content webpage is viewed to the user with the help of database and the contents are managed by web-administration system. So these webpages are viewed with the updated contents and each user may obtain slight changes in the contents since the contents are updated easily by time to time.

The advantages of these webpages makes the user as top preference because when the web administrator updates the webpage, it reaches quickly to users. The maintainence cost in is less and so the contents gets updated soon.

The content of dynamic webpages rates top in security since no third party organisation can change the contents because these webpages are under the control of administration.The webpages provides an option for viewers to interact with the administration. These webpages are preferred in business and company sites because if any new technologies are launched a quick update can be done which can reach the viewers instantly.

Thus the dynamic contents can make the webpages friendly in the search engines with the upgraded contents to the user in an fast move.

Role of press releases in SEO

The search engine optimation is said to be the user frinedly as it helps one to have a very good and quick access to any site, and now a days there are even the press releases have also been formulated which is said to be the communicative product for the users to know about the company in a more detailed form. It is said to be very effective tool through which one can have a very good outlook to their business. And most probably it provides with the very good exposture also, that automatically results in the improvement in the business. It helps to have a good number of new users and also get increased with the back links of the site.

The searchers will find a very good visibility to the site and thus paves way for the good rankings also. The press release content should be informative and also should be reliable, giving sub headings or titles will be more apt that writing in a long run. And it should be in the simple form through which it will reach even to the moderate readers ,who do not have proper understanding knowledge. There should be details like the contact number with full address. The details should be in the form of when the concern has formed,where it is and what they do etc , should be furnished. This is said to be the very important aspect of the internet marketing to have a good contact with the public.

Broad keywords tend to be very short and hard to rank. Why?

Nowadays any business needs to get traffic for their website in order to be successful in their business as the usage of Internet has increased, the business people are promoting their products through online. Mostly traffic can be got for any website at free of charge. So keywords and phrases are very essential for the top ranking and traffic of the website. Initially the default setting of the keyword tool is the broad match.For every month, the data related to any part of the keyword search gets added to the reported total searches which creates confusion to the visitors due to lot of unwanted keywords within it that is when a user searches for a particular keyword, a list of keyword phrases will be shown to the visitors thus providing confusion. For example, if we insert the blue widgets keyword and if anyone searches for blue cheese or else for android widgets then they can view even your ad in it. Thus one can say clearly that useful and relevant keyword alone will not be shown by this broad match.

The aggregate of all searches involving any combination of the keywords as well as other words is known as broad match. And one more fact is that most of the search engine searches are done on this broad match criteria. The main advantage of this kind are it is very useful for the newly launched product as many people can view your product even if they didn’t search for it.