Effective article submission is about writing quality articles that are useful or interesting to readers, using some on your own website and getting some published on other related websites. Here are some of benefits for article submissions:

Improving organic search results: Submitting articles is one of main method for generating one-way back links to your site, which increase your page rank and link popularity. A high quality articles can be republished on multiple sites, so you automatically get thousands of links pointing back to your site which will increase your position in the organic search results and getting found for more keyword searches.

Increasing traffic: Article submission can help to increasing traffic from related sites. If you have an article with valuable content, many people will read it and even spread it. Therefore, you will be able to reach more people and this thing becomes viral in nature. Reaching more people means generating more traffic to your site.
Building incoming links: Most of article directories accept your article with link that pointing back to your site. They allow links in author resource box of article submission form. You can place up to 3 links in author resource box. One of main benefit is that you can include any kind of links such as your site home page link, deeper/inner page link, blog link, article link, etc in that box.

Making site more useful and unique: Article submission is one of best way to help to educate your readers on particular topic of your field. If the article is unique, interesting, and useful than you can attracting new and unique visitors to your site.

Changing seo strategies post google penguin

The google penguin is a security measure from the google search engine just to corroborate that low quality and also personally abusive content should be penalized, there by enabling readers worldwide to access high quality filled content alone. Some SEO’s display this dirty practice where they aim an excessively high place to reach in the search engine rankings by using spamming tricks. If your website has received a penguin update, it means that you have a lot to monitor for from there. First thing that you need to showcase is patience & then you need to make amends with your site, so that at least in the future your website would become a highly trusted one. On one hand, we do see quite a few websites which make their aims quite obvious to the visitors & on the other hand, many many of the sites get panned due to spam content. So, if spam content won’t work, then what will ? How do those web links make it big ?

The answer is as obvious as you can get because: They give “BETTER CONTENT” & “WEBSITE SEARCHES” & “SPAM FREE CONTENT” unlike the others & they would have also been patient when they had started years before & would have worked with perseverance to reach their position. Ok ! Fine ! So, if these sites are so good that they win the trust of search engines. Then what does the search engine notice apart from “SPAM” content to separate out a website as being a low quality one? The things like keywords,meta tags would all be probed out along with the “SPAM” & so totally, a rating would be fixed for your site.

How can an SEO change it’s strategies to avoid penguin?

By providing quality filled content to readers.This quality will automatically earn you points & a comparatively higher ranking than in your past. By filtering spam we can enhance our websites quality again Penguin is specifically targeted at web spam

The SEO practices of using spamming tricks to get better page rankings are the main focuses of panda.Hence, SEO’S should avoid spamming practices.

They should also avoid keyword stuffing,irrelevant incorporated links,spamming in blogs & also overusing of exact match texts. These factors would cause the de-ranking of your website.

Once the amends have been made necessarily, you should not neglect to write to google to inform the changes,
so that the crawling procedure would restart all over again & hopefully, you should be able to get a better ranking for the better content you have.

Biggest issues with duplicate content include

Duplicate content is the content that is visible on the Internet in many places or in more than one URL. This is the biggest problem for the search engines to identify the particular web page from the million of sites. It is difficult because if more than few text of an identical content on the Internet, so search engine cannot able to decide the version that which one is more relevant for the given word on search box. To avoid this problem search engine will rarely show multiple content thus are forced to choose which version is most looking like the original. The duplicate content makes visitors to surfing unwanted web pages, because the particular web page is showed on other list of the result. The first issue is where the search engines cannot able to know the version to include or exclude from their result.The next biggest issue is search engines cannot able to know the direct the link on the result pages. The trust, authority and anchor text is needed to show web pages properly on the search engine result page. Some duplicate content targeting the best website keyword to make copier or making content similar to it, due to this the filter cannot able to do division properly because of multiple versions. Search engines cannot able to rank their web pages properly for query results. When number of duplicate contents is more than it affects the site rankings and traffic losses. Then search engine results only relevant results for the given keyword on the search engine box.