Bounce Rate of a website- An effectiveness measure for your website

Have you ever opened the website and left it the next moment!! Then, there may be several reasons for you to leaving that website, it may be boring or it is not appropriate for your search. Now this is termed as “Bounce rate”.

Bounce rate is a term used in web traffic analysis. It is used to measure the percentage of visitors who have entered the site and left (bounce) before the session time out without viewing the other pages in that site. It measures the quality of the website which makes the visitor to view more and to continue staying in that site. The average bounce rate is 30-40%. In e-commerce sites, the bounce rate is correlated with purchase conversion –rate which is represented as the percentage of visitors who have not purchased anything.

If the bounce rate is more, then it is understandable that the visitor finds the website not so interesting. Bounce rate is inversely proportional, the more the bounce rate, the less the effectiveness of the entry page of the website.

Tips for lesser bounce rate
The content or the quality of the website should be interesting, so the visitor will be engaged in that website for few more minutes. If he finds interesting, then he will be tempted to know more about it. Else, if the content is boring; he needs to navigate to other sites. So, keep the content interesting.

The next important would be user friendly website. The moment when the visitor opens the website, it should be soothing to his eyes and not so disturbing with the unwanted content.

The page loading time of the website should be less. If it takes more time, then eventually the user will skip viewing the website further. Making sure, your website stays fast.

While creating the website, one should be prudent in writing the content interestingly, because the bounce rate should be low for his website in order to retain the customer for a while.

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